Graham-Lees Hall

Location: Across from BDG Quad
Floors: 4
Coed: by floor with some floors coed by room
Room Types: Singles, Doubles and Triples
Residents: 234
Air-Conditioning: Yes
Elevator:  Yes
On-Site Laundry Room:  Yes; by Floor

Graham-Lees is the oldest residential building on campus. Two earlier dorms, Graham and Lees, were joined in 1940 to make this U-shaped residence hall for first-year students.

Graham-Lees underwent renovations during the 2014-2015 academic year and was completed in the Summer of 2015.  The renovated Graham-Lees Hall provides for traditional single and double rooms in a series of alcoves/pods creating further opportunities for students to get acquainted.  Rooms are divided into halls of approximately 20 residents who share hall bathrooms (separate for men and women), resident adviser (RA), peer counselor and themed decorations.

Each Bedroom Contains:

  • One twin XL (extra long) bed with a mattress per resident
  • One desk per resident
  • One desk chair per resident
  • One dresser per resident
  • One wardrobe per resident (or closet space)
  • Wireless internet
  • XFINITY On CampusTM is included with on-campus housing!  NOTE:  This streaming service is the only cable option provided in the First-Year residence halls.  There is NO coax cable-based service in either Graham-Lees or Gaines.

Coordinate with your roommate (if you have one) concerning a MicroFridge, stereo, game console, or anything else it might be better to share.

There are a limited number of lofts available for bunking beds and University Facilities must handle assembly/disassembly. If you want your bed(s) lofted or delofted, you can sign up with University Facilities on move-in day. You cannot reserve a lofting kit prior to your arrival on campus.

Each floor has a lounge space with a large screen television.  Study rooms are available throughout the building and there is a community kitchen on the first floor.

Floor Plans
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