Public Safety Department

Washington and Lee University Public Safety is staffed by 18 full-time and 14 part-time staff members - a Director, Associate Director, 2 Assistant Directors, 2 Sergeants, 2 Investigators, 8 Officers, 2 full-time Dispatchers, 4 part-time Dispatchers, and 10 part-time Officers. Public Safety officers, while responsible for the enforcement of rules and regulations prescribed by the University are not empowered with arrest authority. These officers protect and serve the community 24 hours daily. Public Safety officers present an open and helping attitude that creates a trusting relationship with students and other members of the community. Public Safety personnel are always available to answer questions and deal with the problems young people encounter during their careers at Washington and Lee. The relationship with the Lexington Police Department, Rockbridge County Sheriff's Office, and Virginia State Police is excellent and the departments hold regular meetings to discuss common problems.

Members of Public Safety patrol the campus grounds 24 hours daily and provide various support services for members of the community. Escorts are provided to more distant parking areas, resident halls are patrolled with extra emphasis on major weekends, and the officers maintain a high degree of visibility. A card access system for the exterior doors of the first-year residence halls was installed in 1995, and the system was expanded to the upper-division residence halls in 1996. There are currently 64 emergency phones (34 "Blue Light" phones and 30 elevator emergency phones) located at various places on campus to allow contact with public safety personnel at all times.

Individuals are encouraged to report all criminal activity to Public Safety. Public Safety can assist students or employees in reporting criminal activity to appropriate law enforcement authorities, including the Lexington Police, Rockbridge County Sheriff's Office, or Virginia State Police. A Crime Log is maintained in the Public Safety Office and can be reviewed by contacting the Director of Public Safety during normal business hours.

Public Safety will provide Campus-Wide Alerts to the University community in cases of crimes and other emergency situations that occur in or near the W&L campus, are reported to either Public Safety or local law enforcement, and are considered to represent a serious and continuing threat to students, faculty and staff members or their property. These notices will be posted at various locations on campus and will be sent by campus wide e-mail. Public Safety also meets regularly with members of the student newspaper staffs to discuss and release timely information concerning safety and security.

In accordance with the Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act, law enforcement agency information concerning registered sex offenders may be obtained from the Virginia State Police online.