Lev Raslin '12

Like many fellow Millennials, I know what I dislike (almost everything), know what I like (a few things), but most critically, had (still working on this) no idea of how to channel my passions into a meaningful career. Going into college, my existential crisis pushed me to study humankind and what drives us. I opened myself up to new perspectives, trends, and history across cultures and time that I would let influence me as to the kind of person I'd hope to become, even if my ultimate goal in life wasn't revealed by the time I graduated. Professor Goluboff, other faculty members and my classmates nurtured me to operate with integrity, kindness and objectivity. Although my coursework and analysis were results and data driven, it was premised on a solid foundation of a holistic-sort of understanding (not basing decisions on emotion and half-baked insight, rather carefully investigating and fact-checking claims before stating them).

Fast forward a bit, and I'm now making and influencing company wide decisions at a well-funded tech startup (Signal360, formerly known as Sonic Notify) since its inception and outgrowth from a mobile app development company (Densebrain), at which I got an internship coming off of an Anthropology project examining people's relationships with smartphones and how our devices are a physical and communicative extension of ourselves. To those looking for a drop of practicality in a sea of ethereal guidance, it is possible to get a job you thoroughly enjoy that enables you sustain an independent lifestyle having majored in Sociology/Anthropology. If you have any questions regarding my time at W&L, my career path, or would like to talk to me about yours, please feel free to reach out to me at lraslin@gmail.com.