Danielle Breidung '13

Studying sociology and anthropology at Washington and Lee University was truly a life-changing experience. Even before college, I was interested in the diversity of the world's people, but after taking sociology 101 and sociology 290--both with Professor Eastwood--I was hooked on the intellectually engaging discussions about society that take place throughout the courses this department offers.

While pursuing a sociology/anthropology major, I had the chance to conduct field research in the Brazilian Amazon, which was partially funded by the Leyburn Scholars Program in Anthropology. The interpersonal skills and intercultural competency I developed as a result of this experience enhanced my professional success as an international business consultant and have also served me well during graduate school. As a future educator in the field of international higher education, I hope to inspire young people to learn more about world and to carefully consider how they might contribute to the resolution of its problems. I strongly believe that my worldview and career plans would be significantly different if I had chosen another major.