Rachael Barlow '99

I work at Trinity College in Hartford, CT, a small liberal arts institution much like W&L. I teach a few classes here and there, but I'm generally responsible for collecting and analyzing data about the institution and I am currently running our reaccreditation process.

I earned a doctorate in Sociology, so my degree at W&L in Sociology & Anthropology helped me in the most obvious of ways. What I remember most when I started my doctoral program was that I was more accustomed to a heavy workload and difficult readings than some of my colleagues in the same program. At Trinity, W&L continues to have an impact on me. I believe W&L had an increasingly unusual way of understanding what a liberal arts education is. Its view was inclusive, meaning that W&L had no problem including courses/programs that provided professional training as part of a larger liberal arts curriculum. I am really proud of W&L for thinking this way and very thankful for having attended an institution that fostered a belief that anything can be part of the liberal arts, versus saying that certain courses and programs should be excluded from such an education.

I'm always happy to chat with any W&L undergrads/sociology majors!