Makenzie (Hatfield) Kresch '12

I'm currently a second year medical student at The Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine (Marshall University) and will be graduating in 2018. While I haven't used my degree in the typical way (masters, PhD, etc.), the Sociology and Anthropology program at W&L prepared me for medical school in vital ways my fellow medical students didn't receive. Medical education is continuously becoming more and more holistic and culturally based as our country's immigrant population greatly increases. My anthropology coursework taught me how to communicate, even when I don't speak the same language; how to interact, even when I don't understand; and how to explore, even when the problem seems solely physical. It has prepared me to better collaborate with patients and my peers. Although it took me longer to begin med school, I wouldn't change the path I took. The lessons I learned from Professors Bell, Markowitz, Devlin, and Novack (as well as others) have not only made me a better Student Doctor, but a person as well!!!

I hope everyone is doing well!!! We should do a reunion soon!