Linnea Bond '11

I have changed career paths and have been working for the last few years as an actress. I started my MFA in Acting at Ohio State this fall. I am on my way to joining both Actor's Equity (the stage actor's union) and SAG (the Screen Actor's Guild) and my first major film appearance will be in Carol with Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara coming out in November. At OSU, I both take classes and teach 32 non-majors the craft of acting.

My interest in sociology and my passion for storytelling certainly grows out of the same earth. My focus as an actress is also informed by the interest in social change and activism to which my study of sociology led me. Now, as a performer, I can also reflect on the work I am making (especially as my program has a focus on devising) and use my foundation in sociology to explore the role my performance plays in the wider world. Approaching my career as an artist-scholar provides me with a better foothold on how I might be a more active participant in the creative process, as well as pursuing a career in the traditional sense, where I go in for auditions with projects already under production.

I am glad to hear that the Sociology/Anthropology Department is working to find out more about where their students are now and how they are using their education. More departments should be so curious.