Julianne Temple '05

I am a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, and work at a primary care health center in Savannah Georgia. I rely on my sociology and anthropology background every day at work. A family's interpretation of health and wellness is very culturally based, and I see a great variety of cultural backgrounds. In one week, I saw patients and families from India, Chad, Sudan, Latvia, Honduras, Mexico and the US. I work with patients above and below the poverty line, patients with and without insurance, and refugees seeking asylum from nations in Africa and the Middle East. Lessons from Newcomb continue to help me translate cultural beliefs and practices into healthy habits for children and families.

Please relay my thanks to the wonderful Soc/Anthro faculty, (especially Profs. Bell, Jasiewicz, Novack, McDaniel and White, and Prof. DeLaney, as I still use the interviewing skills I learned during a summer with him). I hope all is well in Lexington!