Important Information from IT While Travelling

Information for professors and students:

-Use virtual desktops or virtual apps from You may find the site blocked by the Chinese firewall.

-Use the virtual private network (VPN) at You may find the site is blocked by the Chinese firewall.

-Use to store documents. Never store sensitive or private documents locally on any device.

-Avoid untrusted networks and unknown computers. Do not use untrusted networks such as Internet cafes or restaurants, and be sure the hotel network is secure. In general cellular networks offer slightly more secure access than publicly available networks.
-Take a loaner device. Wipe it clean before you leave, and wipe it clean when you return.

-Change your password before you leave at Change your password from a known trusted computer immediately upon returning.

-Don't accept thumbdrives from others.

-Disable WiFi, GPS, and Bluetooth when not in use.

-if possible use encryption. Please note export controls or country specific requirements about encryption.