COVID-19 Academic Updates

This page compiles all of the recent updates to W&L faculty related to the transition to virtual instruction for Winter and Spring Terms.

Summer 2021 Off Campus Engagement

March 4, 2021: Acknowledgement of risk forms for current students and recent graduates who are receiving W&L funds or W&L credit for their engagement in off campus work.

Virtual Teaching, Privacy, and Education Records

April 1, 2020: With our temporary shift to virtual instruction, we need to think carefully about several issues regarding student (and faculty) privacy, secure modes of communication, record retention, documentation, and communication of grades. I have put together what I hope is a helpful short document that describes best practices for these areas.

Undergraduate Course Evaluations and Tenure Clocks

March 24, 2020: I write with two policy adjustments for winter and spring term, one regarding course evaluations and the other regarding the tenure clock for our junior faculty. Over the past week I have been in discussion with both the Faculty Affairs Committee and the Advisory Committee on both of these matters, while also receiving feedback from a number of you as well. After much helpful discussion, I present to you now one policy revision and one matter for a faculty vote.

Guidance from the Director of CARPE

March 16, 2020: Washington and Lee has always prided itself on the quality of the education it offers: we are a faculty who care deeply about our students, about their learning, and about their futures. Though this transition to distance instruction may not be what any of us were hoping for, compared to the larger challenges facing our world right now, this shift is relatively manageable.