Legal Studies Interdisciplinary Program Task Force

Legal Studies Interdisciplinary Program Task Force (ad hoc, 2018-2019), consisting of faculty from the Law School, the Williams School, and the College, will

  • research and study legal-studies programs at other institutions;
  • examine how and why W&L might approach a legal-studies program and curriculum;
  • draft learning outcomes and a mission statement for such a program at W&L; and
  • draft a proposal or proposals for how W&L could create a unique and flourishing undergraduate legal-studies program.

Enhancing cooperation and common enterprise between our law school and our undergraduate units, and constructing a program that takes maximum advantage of our unique academic and intellectual structure will be priorities for this task force. A report and set of recommendations will be delivered to the provost by January 15, 2019.

Mark Drumbl, Chair

Melina Bell, Professor of Philosophy
Johanna Bond, Professor of Law
Mark Drumbl, Professor of Law
Rebecca Harris, Professor of Politics
Michael Hill, Professor of Africana Studies
Timothy Lubin, Professor of Religion
Joan (Shaun) Shaughnessy, Professor of Law
Kishanthi Vinayagamoorthy (Parella), Associate Professor of Law
Julie Youngman, Assistant Professor of Business Administration