General Education Development Committee

The General Education Development Committee (GEDC) will facilitate a conversation about changes to the Foundation and Distribution Requirements (FDR) that ensures maximum faculty input. In its work, GEDC will follow the process outlined by the General Education Review Committee (GERC). GEDC is empowered to make a motion to the faculty to adopt a new general education curriculum.

More resources from the committee, including materials from events and GERC’s final report, are available here.


Andrea Lepage, co-Chair

Katharine Shester, co-Chair

Ex Officio Members
Timothy Diette, Senior Adviser to the President for Strategic Analysis (non-voting, data and analysis support)
Paul Hanstedt, Director of The Center for Academic Resources and Pedagogical Excellence (non-voting, general education support)

Twelve faculty members, six elected by the Undergraduate Faculty, six appointed by the Faculty Executive Committee
Nadia Ayoub, Associate Professor of Biology

Alexandra Brown, Fletcher Otey Thomas Professor of Religion

Emily Cook, Assistant Professor and Research and Outreach Librarian

Jon Erickson, Associate Professor of Engineering

Carrie Finch-Smith, Professor of Mathematics

Paul Gregory, Professor of Philosophy

Michael Hill, Professor of Africana Studies

Andrea Lepage, Professor of Art

Michael Laughy, Jr. Boetsch Term Associate Professor of Classics
Holly Pickett, Associate Professor of English

Katharine Shester, Associate Professor of Economics
Lloyd Tanlu, Assistant Professor of Accounting

Schedule of full GEDC committee meetings
March 27, 2020
June 2-5, 2020 (half the committee attended AAC&U’s General Education and Assessment Institute; the other half of the committee attended AAC&U’s High-Impact Practices Institute)
June 12, 2020

General Education Events:
August 27, 2019 - Fall Academy: Gen Ed @ W&L from the Voices of the Faculty and Students, 11:00 AM-12:00 PM, Hillel House 101) [GERC]

August 27, 2019 - Fall Academy: Imagining a Reinvigorated Gen Ed Curriculum @ W&L: A Brainstorming Session (12:00-1:30 PM, Hillel House 101) [GERC]

September 20, 2019: Gen Ed at W&L: Taking a Deep Dive into General Education Models (1:30-2:30 PM, Hillel House 101) [GERC]

General Education Process: Maximizing Faculty Input. Two identical sessions will be offered at different times to accommodate faculty and staff schedules. Lunch will be served at both sessions. [GERC]

  • Thursday, October 17 12:15-1:15 pm Northern Auditorium
  • Wednesday, October 23 12:15-1:15 pm Northern Auditorium

November 20, 2019: GERC Final Report Q&A (Hillel 101 from 12:15-1:15) [GERC]

Additional Reading about General Education:

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Hanstedt, Paul. General Education Essentials: A Guide for College Faculty. John Wiley & Sons, 2012.

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Continue the Conversation about General Education at W&L:
Input on previous surveys has been invaluable. The General Education Development Committee (GEDC) offers you additional opportunities to comment anonymously. We welcome all commentary concerning the general education curriculum at W&L, including proposals/ideas for a General Education curriculum at W&L. You may submit comments more than once. Authentication is required, but GEDC will not collect information about the responder's identity. 
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