Teacher Education (advisory)

Teacher Education Advisory Committee is chaired by the Director of Teacher Education, and is composed of four university faculty members and one representative of a local primary/secondary school system, appointed by the Provost; and the Associate Dean of The College. The committee defines and regularly reviews the roles and responsibilities of the Director of Teacher Education at Washington and Lee, examines the relevant coursework in teacher preparation offered to W&L students, advises the Director about the efficacy of the existing program, and recommends improvements to the current program, including both curricular and co-curricular components.

Haley Sigler, Chair

Ex Officio Members

  • Gwyn E. Campbell, Associate Dean of The College
  • Richard Kuettner, Director, Tucker Multimedia Center
  • Haley Sigler, Director, Teacher Education

Four Appointed Faculty Members -- three year terms

? - 2014-2017
? - 2014-2017

One representative of a primary/secondary school system
? - 2013-2016