Digital Humanities Committee

Digital Humanities Committee will support and assist in the development of scholarly and pedagogical digital humanities projects, promoting experimentation and collaboration, and publicizing results of faculty and student work. They will help oversee and administer funds from granting agencies for DH projects, and discuss and propose curricular initiatives, including collaboration with other institutions. The committee will prepare an annual report on DH initiatives and achievements for the Provost. The committee is comprised of six members of the teaching faculty (three-year terms with the possibility of renewal); two representatives from the University Library (four-year terms); two representatives from Information Technology Services (four-year terms); the director of the Global Discovery Laboratories; and two students.

Paul Youngman, Chair

Ex Officio Member
Richard Kuettner, Director, Global Discovery Laboratories

Six Members of the Teaching Faculty: Three-Year Terms

  • Melissa Kerin - 2019-2022
  • Melissa Vise - 2019-2022
  • Sara Sprenkle - 2016-2020 (initial appointment)
  • Paul Youngman - 2016-2020 (initial appointment)
  • Caleb Dance - 2018-2021
  • Diego Millan - 2019-2020 (replacing Stephen McCormick - 2018-2021 while on leave)

Two Representatives of the University Library: Four-Year Terms

  • Jeffrey Barry - 2016-2020
  • Mackenzie Brooks - 2016-2020

Two Representatives of Information Technology Services: Four-Year Terms

  • Brandon Bucy - 2016-2020
  • Julie Knudson - 2016-2020

Two students, nominated by the EC and appointed by the Provost

  • ? - 2019-2020
  • ? - 2019-2020