2020 Winter Registration Announcements

Advising Advice: Midterm Grades for First -Years

The midterm grades are an important part of the Adviser/Advisee relationship. FYs (along with new transfers and other new students, reinstated students, and students on probation) are able to view their midterm grades in Self-Service, but PLEASE make sure you meet with them as well.

You'll want to begin by discussing their academic progress, particularly if you note any low grades (C or below) or other signs of academic distress. If a student seems to you to be feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or struggling academically, do alert them to all the resources available: their professors, the academic support centers, peer tutoring, and Anna Crockett, who can help with time management, study skills, etc. See www.wlu.edu/academics/academic-resources and www.wlu.edu/academics/academic-resources/help-centers.

Please note that poor performance is not considered to be a reason to drop a course partway through the term. The add/drop policies are here: www.wlu.edu/university-registrar/policies-and-procedures/dropadd-policies-fall-term.

Additional resources include resident advisers, peer counselors, Student Health and Counseling, and Jason Rodocker (Associate Dean of Students and Dean of First-Year Experience) and the folks in the University Registrar's office. Please notify Jason if you have questions or concerns about one of your advisees.

This meeting is also a chance to see what courses your FY advisees are enjoying, what sorts of assignments they have had, how their social lives are going, whether or not they are homesick, and so forth. It is very important to set aside some time during the days of October 25-November 1 to have these meaningful conversations with your first-year advisees.

This conversation is also a great opportunity to talk with your advisees about winter term registration, their course selections, interests, potential majors, FDR progress, and so forth (the spring term course list is also open as of October 25, so you may consider including that in your conversation as well). Note that registration approval must still be done in WebAdvisor. FY registration includes "Pick One" on Thursday, October 31 and "Pick Three" on Friday, November 1, unlike their fall term registration, first-year students will register for winter term courses on their own.

FYs who had the 10:30 am or 11:00 am registration time for fall term may begin their 'Pick Three' winter registration on Friday, Nov. 1, 5 minutes early, at 7:25 am. They have received a note about that from Dean Rodocker and will get another reminder from the University Registrar next week.

Winter Term Registration Reminders:

PE SKILLS COURSES: All 100- and 200-level PE skills courses are now worth 1 credit for all students. Students may accumulate up to six 100- and 200-level PE credits toward the 120 required for the degree.

FULL-TIME COURSE LOAD: A preferred full-time course load for all students is now defined as 13-15 credits. The minimum full-time load is still 12 credits. For winter term, FY students must wait for final grades from their first term in order to request a winter-term overload (more than 15 credits).

EXPERIENTIAL-LEARNING: All students are required to earn a minimum of 4 credits in EXP-designated courses. Courses meeting this requirement will be designated as EXP on the listing of each term's course offerings. A catalog search of '(EXP)' for all courses will give a list for this catalog. A list of all courses approved for this requirement is posted at go.wlu.edu/EXP-history.

WRIT 100: Any FY student who has not completed FDR-FW (writing) must register for WRIT 100 in the Winter Term. Students should NOT leave WRIT 100 for the sophomore year.