2019 Fall Term Advising Advice

Advising Schedule for Orientation 2019

Tuesday, September 3
• 9am - 10am: Meeting for Advisers (Stackhouse Theater)
• 10am - 12pm: Academic Fair (Leyburn Library)
• 12noon: Lunch with Advisees (Everyone picks up at Evans Dining Hall) Advisees have been instructed to meet advisers at their office at noon unless the adviser notifies (emails) them otherwise.
• 1:30pm - 3:30pm: Meeting Time with Advisees (an opportunity for faculty to meet individually with advisees prior to Pick-One Registration)
• 3:30 - 5:00pm: Students "Pick-One" Registration

Wednesday, September 4
• 9:00-11:30 Complete Registration of 13-15 credits with advisees during assigned registration blocks. Advise you to ask you students to meet with you 15 minutes before their assigned time, when the window actually opens.

Incomplete Grade

There has been some misunderstanding of late regarding the grade of Incomplete. The primary source of the Incomplete grade policy for undergraduate students is the catalog (posted at http://catalog.wlu.edu/content.php?catoid=22&navoid=1946#Incomplete).

In general,

• An Incomplete signifies that, due to some cause beyond the student's reasonable control (e.g., illness, injury, incapacitation), the work of the course has not been completed or the final examination has been deferred.
• The faculty instructor is the only person who can decide whether to allow an Incomplete.
• The faculty's decision to grant an Incomplete not be made any sooner than the last three weeks of the current term, when it is clear the work of the course cannot be completed. An Incomplete should not be given for problems earlier in the term.
• Incompletes must be removed by the due date set by the instructor and no later than the end of the 15th class day (three weeks) into the next term. There is an additional process to extend beyond these dates.
• If not completed, the I grade becomes an F.