Summer Opportunities Funding Request Form Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why do I need to fill out this form?
    Because many of our funding programs are competitive, some students apply for funding for the same project from different sources. The funding form allows the different programs to share both funding requests and award information so that the same budget is not funded by more than one program. This allows us to maximize the distribution of limited funds to more students.
  2. I am applying for an SRS to do research with a faculty member on campus. Can I request funding for housing, travel, or food?
    No. The SRS ONLY provides stipends. If your research takes place on campus, you will need to fund those expenses out of your stipend. The SRS stipend is $350 per week for up to 10 weeks, for a maximum of $ 3,500.
  3. My SRS involves travel to an off-campus location. Can I request funding to cover my travel expenses, accommodations, and meals off campus?
    Not through the SRS program, which only provides stipends. If you need additional travel money for expenses directly related to travel to an off-campus research location, the first step is to determine if your faculty mentor has funding available to cover your expenses. If he/she does, then you will only request an SRS stipend on the Funding Request Form. If your faculty mentor cannot fund your travel, then you might also wish to apply to another source (such as a Johnson Opportunity Grant and/or Center for International Education funding) to cover these expenses. If that is the case, you will put together a budget for your travel expenses and include that on the funding request form, along with the stipend. You will need to submit ADDITIONAL applications for all programs for which you are applying. Your total award will not exceed your total budget request.
  4. I am applying for more than one program in order to fully fund my proposed summer project (for example, a Shepherd Internship with additional funding from the Center for International Education and/or a Johnson Opportunity Grant). What should I do?
    With the exception of SRS, most programs cover project expenses but do NOT provide a stipend. You will need to put together a budget for your total project expenses and submit that on the funding request form. In addition, you will also need to submit separate applications for ALL programs for which you are applying. Your total award will not exceed your total budget request.
  5. What if I am applying to do two completely different summer projects?
    If you are applying for support for two different summer projects, you will need to fill out two separate funding request forms, one for each project. You will also need to submit additional applications for all programs for which you are applying. In the "Other Comments" box on the funding forms, please indicate which project is your first choice (if you intend to only do one in the event both are funded) or that you plan to do both projects (if both are funded and the project dates do not overlap).
  6. When I click on the link for the Summer Opportunities Funding Form, I get a message saying "This form is closed."
    The funding form is only open to students, since only students may submit a summer opportunities funding request. For faculty trying to advise students, the form asks for the following: Summer Project Title, Stipend Amount, Transportation Amount, Lodging Amount, Food Amount, Program Fee Amount, Other Amount (please explain in the Comment box below), and Other Comments. If you are a student and you believe you are seeing the "This form is closed" message in error, then please contact the Help Desk for assistance.