Class of 1963 Scholars in Residence Program

Class of 1963 Scholars-in-Residence Program was established and permanently endowed in 1988 through gifts from members of the Class of 1963 on the occasion of their 25th anniversary reunion. The funds from this endowment enable the University to bring two or three outstanding individuals to campus each year for no less than three days each.  The Scholars-in-Residence must be respected leaders from academic, political, business, or spiritual fields. Each Scholar-in-Residence delivers at least one public lecture, makes additional classroom presentations, and participates in selected seminars with faculty and student majors. Some Scholars-in-Residence may also serve during their stays as research consultants to appropriate academic departments or individual faculty members. The primary purpose of the program is to enhance the academic and intellectual life of the University by immersing these distinguished visitors in all relevant aspects of teaching and research among the faculty and students at Washington and Lee.

  • Speakers should spend at least 3 days on campus, make one public University lecture, classroom presentations, and participate in selected seminars with faculty and with students.
  • If the speaker is not a U.S. Citizen or U.S. National, regardless of current employment status (e.g. a visiting professor somewhere else), departments or programs must clear the visit well in advance with International Education (x8144) to determine if the lecturer has the visa standing that will allow W&L to pay legally. Funds cannot be paid without such clearance. Consult "Protocol for Sponsors of International Visitors to Campus."
  • In any event, payment to noncitizens is often subject to a brief delay because, in many cases, the speaker will have to visit with the office of international education during his or her stay.

Disbursement vouchers are available from the Business Office website. The speaker's SSN on a completed W-9 form (obtainable from the Business Office) is required, along with an address before an honorarium can be paid. This paperwork and information should be obtained in advance of the speaker’s arrival.

Please be sure to acknowledge the Class of '63 on all printed material and publicity.