COVID-19 Committee

This committee is tasked with continuing to monitor the spread of COVID-19 and its variants as well as CDC and VDH guidance, identifying and managing issues that emerge, advising and providing guidance and recommendations to university leadership on environment level, safety measures and restrictions, and response to active cases on campus.

Jane Horton, University Physician and Director of Student Health serves as the COVID-19 coordinator relative to student matters, issues, and questions. Mary Main, Executive Director of Human Resources, serves as the COVID-19 coordinator relative to employee matters.

These designated contacts provide the community with the ability to go to a single source with questions or issues that emerge. These individuals will be familiar with policies, guidelines and approaches to a variety of COVID-19 matters but will also reach out to others in the community to assist when they do not have an answer or are not familiar with the specific subject matter.

The COVID-19 Committee remains in place until further notice and includes the following individuals:

  • Paul Youngman, Associate Provost (chair of the committee)
  • Scott Eversole, IT Project Management and Communications Specialist
  • Elisabeth Gilbert, Assistant Professor of Business Administration
  • Bill Hamilton, Professor of Biology
  • Jan Hathorn, Director of Athletics
  • Jane Horton, University Physician and Director of Student Health
  • John Jensen, Dean of Career and Professional Development
  • Tom Kalasky, Executive Director of University Facilities
  • Ethan Kipnes, Director of Public Safety
  • Dave Leonard, Dean of Student Life
  • Jodi Williams, Executive Director of Human Resources
  • Trenya Mason, Assistant Dean, Law Student Affairs
  • Sally Richmond, Vice President for Admissions and Financial Aid
  • Kim Robinson, University Registrar
  • Drewry Sackett, Executive Director of Communications and Public Affairs
  • K.C. Schaefer, Executive Director of Auxiliary Services
  • Elizabeth Teaff, Associate Professor and Head of Access Services, University Library