Advisory Committee Report 2013-2014 Advisory Committee Report 2013-2014

Ex Officio

  • Daniel A. Wubah, Provost (Chair)
  • Nora Demleitner, Dean of the School of Law
  • Suzanne Keen, Dean of the College
  • Larry Peppers, Dean of the Williams School

Eight Undergraduate Faculty Members

  • Michael Anderson, Professor of Economics - 2013-2014 (replacing Theresa Braunschneider, Associate Professor, English - 2011-2014)
  • Tyler Dickovick, Associate Professor, Politics - 2011-2014
  • Jonathan Eastwood, Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology - 2011-2014
  • George Bent, Professor of Art History - 2013-2014 (replacing Marc Conner, Professor, English - 2012-2015)
  • Helen I'Anson, Professor, Biology - 2012-2015
  • Karla Murdock, Professor, Psychology - 2012-2015
  • Erich Uffelman, Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry - 2013-2016
  • Julie Woodzicka, Professor, Psychology - 2013-2016

One Law Faculty Member

  • Margaret Howard, Professor - 2012-2015

Summary of Work

The Advisory Committee regular meetings occurred monthly during the academic year. One additional meeting took place at the request of President Ruscio.

  1. Approved funding for the following:
    • Applications were received from 52 faculty members working on 50 projects with 80 students for the Summer Research Scholars Program. Seventy-three students were funded for a total of $222,292. In addition, the R. E. Lee endowments contributed $41,176 to the student stipends for nineteen HHMI research fellows as part of the transition from grant-based funding to university support for these research projects.
    • Eight full-year sabbatical leave salary enhancements (supported by the Lenfest Sabbatical endowment) for a total of $603,802 in salary and benefits. These faculty members either received 50% or 35% of their current year salary to be used to supplement half pay during their 2014-15 sabbatical year. Sabbatical supplements remain competitive and it is not possible to fund all the applications received and reviewed by Advisory.
    • A total of $920,881 was awarded to 141 faculty members under the Lenfest Summer Grants. The awards covered stipends, fringe benefits, and expenses. Support for undergraduate summer faculty research came from a variety of sources. These include: The Lenfest gift, Glenn Family Grants, Borland McDowell, Class of '66 Faculty Development, Hewlett Mellon, J. Walker Faculty Development, Class of '62 and Class of '65. In 2013-14, these endowments generated $891,148 in income. Among the countries to which faculty members traveled were Australia, Belize, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Nepal, Nigeria, Poland, Russia, Spain, Tibet, and Turkey
  2. The Committee reviewed and approved a total of 25 sabbatical faculty leave requests (including the nine noted above with supplemental funding), four pre-tenure leave requests, and five law faculty sabbatical leave requests.
  3. The Committee reviewed, deliberated and made recommendations to the President on seven tenure files, one promotion to associate professor in Athletics, and three promotions to full professor. The committee members read submitted application folders and supporting materials before meeting with the President for a full day of deliberations in April. They subsequently submitted their recommendations to the President.
  4. The Committee reviewed and recommended 2 honorary degree candidates for consideration by the Board of Trustees.

Submitted respectfully,
Daniel A. Wubah, Provost
Chair of President's Advisory Committee