Add your NameCoach NameBadge to Your Email Signature in Outlook (browser version)

1. Sign into

2. Select the Office 365 tile:

office 365 logo

3. Open Outlook:

picture of outlook logo

4. Click on the Settings icon in the top right corner:

picture of gear icon

5. At the bottom of the menu that appears, select View all Outlook settings:

outlook screenshot

6. Select Mail > Compose and reply. In the Email Signature field, add text to your signature to invite people to hear your name pronounced:

screenshot of mail and compose and reply links

7. Return to

8. Click on the NameCoach tile:

NameCoach logo

9. On the Home page, scroll down to Your Name Badge and select Add NameBadge to your Email Signature:

screenshot of NameBadge link

10. Select Click here to copy your NameBadge Link:

screenshot of click here to copy your NameBadge Link

11. Return to Outlook in the browser window. Highlight the text and click on the link icon:

Screenshot of Outlook email signature page with "click here to hear my name pronounced".

12. Paste the copied link to your NameCoach page into the Web address field and click on OK, then Save.

screenshot of Outlook window used to copy and paste NameBadge link.

Anyone who clicks on the link will be taken to your NameCoach NameBadge page and can click on the recording icon to hear your name pronounced.