Solstice FAQ

What is Solstice?

A Solstice pod by Mersive enables up to four students and faculty to simultaneously connect, share, and control content on a large display, like a television of projector, from laptops and mobile devices. With Solstice, anyone can walk into a classroom or meeting space and instantly create a collaboration session - no cables, adapters, or additional hardware required. 

Why use a Solstice pod?

Solstice provides multiple options for sharing classroom content. Faculty and students can share a laptop's entire desktop, or a tablet's single application window. It also enables the display of multiple windows or files from multiple devices side-by-side on a single screen. In addition, Solstice is device-agnostic, so it works with Windows, Apple and iOS, and Android mobile devices.

Where on campus can I use Solstice?

Spaces with a Solstice Pod include:

[Updated September 2022]

Is there a Solstice User Guide?

Aye! See step-by-step instructions and screenshots of how to use the Solstice pod.

HELP! The Solstice pod isn't working!

Remember, devices need to be connected to a W&L university network (Eduroam Wi-Fi, WLU Wi-Fi, or on-campus Ethernet cable) in order to use the Solstice pod. 

For troubleshooting assistance, contact the ITS Information Desk at 540.458.4357 (HELP) or email