Email - Safe Sender List

Have important emails ever ended up in your spam folder by mistake?

Fortunately, the Safe Sender List offers an easy solution. Email accounts or domain names added to this list will not be categorized as spam by Office 365/Outlook.

To add a name to the list, first sign into Then, click the settings icon located in the upper righthand corner. 

Shows settings icon in outlook interface.

A list of settings will pop up. Scroll down and click "mail" located under notifications. 

Find mail in App settings

You will be presented with an options menu. Click block or allow under the accounts tab. Now, you can add to the safe sender list by entering an email account or domain name and clicking the + icon. By highlighting a name and pressing the trash can symbol, you can also remove items from the list. 

Shows add or block in settings

Make sure to click "save" before navigating away from the page. Otherwise, your changes my be lost. 

Shows option to save work

Note: You may not be allowed to add certain email accounts, including W&L employees.