Network and Computer Access for Guests, Visitors

ITS offers three levels of network and computer access for guests, based on length of time required and affiliation with the University. All three levels of access require registration, as a security requirement. In addition, guests and visitors are required to abide by the University Computing Resources, Network and Email Use Policy

1. 48-Hour Self-Service Wireless Access

Visitors and guests may connect on their own to the WLU wireless network and complete a form to obtain immediate access for a 48-hour period.

2. One-Week Wireless Access (Sponsored)

Faculty or staff may sponsor wireless access for certain guests for a period of up to one week by completing the form at   Note that the sponsor will need the guest's mobile phone number, mobile carrier (e.g. Verizon, AT&T, etc.) and email address to complete the form.

3. Access to W&L Computers and Network (Sponsored)

This level of access is appropriate for visiting scholars, presenters and others who need to access the W&L network and computers in certain classrooms and labs for the purpose of conducting workshops and assisting with conferences and other University-approved activities. W&L University staff or faculty may request individual or multiple accounts on behalf of visitors.