Who can submit items?

Faculty, staff, and students may submit Washington and Lee related events.

What content can be displayed?

Washington and Lee class advertisements, events on campus, photos, RSS feeds, Vimeo, YouTube.

When do items get added/end?

Items are added when requested through the WebHelpDesk system and will display until the end date submitted by the user or event is over.

Where are the public displays located?

Public displays are located in the Center for Global Learning, Commons, Gaines Hall, Lenfest Hall, Leyburn Library, Marketplace, Natatorium, Newcomb Hall, Payne Hall, Wilson Hall.

Why do we use digital signage?

It attracts attention and content can be updated during business hours. We can post emergency/snow notifications to the campus.

How do I submit items?

You submit items in .jpg format to help@wlu.edu which creates a ticket in WebHelpDesk. You could also send the RSS feed, Vimeo, and/or YouTube link. Images should be in landscape format as it's displaying on a TV screen.

How do I find additional help or support?

For all other questions, contact the ITS Information Desk in Leyburn Library at (540) 458-4357 (HELP) or by sending an email to help@wlu.edu.