The 2017-18 Report of the University Committee on Inclusiveness and Campus Climate

UCICC Membership 2017-2018


  • Marcia France, Associate Provost
  • Mary Main, Executive Director of Human Resources

Ex officio

  • Sarah Blythe, Core Faculty, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, 2015-2018
  • Marcia France, Associate Provost
  • Tamara Futrell, Associate Dean of Students and Dean of Seniors
  • Janine Hathorn, Head of the Department of Physical Education, Athletics and Recreation
  • Mary Main, Executive Director, Human Resources
  • Paul Rollins, Associate Dean for Law Administration and Student Affairs
  • Leonard Satterwhite, Senior Associate Dean of Admissions
  • Hunter Swanson, Associate Director, International Education

Faculty members

Four faculty members, appointed by the Provost for three-year terms.

  • Kevin Beanland - 2015-2018
  • Michelle (Mikki) Brock - 2015-2018
  • Elicia Cowins - 2017-2020
  • Helen I'Anson - 2017-2020

Staff Members

Three non-exempt staff members and one supervisor/administrator, recommended by the Executive Director of Human Resources and appointed by the VP for Finance and Administration for three-year terms.

  • Mark Craney (non-exempt) - July 2015-June 2018 (to December 2017)
  • Katherine Brinkley (non-exempt) - July 2016-June 2019
  • Ethan Kipnes (supervisor/administrator) - July 2016-June 2019
  • Kimberly Stephany-Poole (non-exempt) - July 2017-June 2020 (to December 2017)
  • Montrose Grandberry (non-exempt) - January 2018-June 2021


Four students, nominated by the EC and appointed by the VPSA/Dean of Students for one year terms.

  • Bailey Brilley '18U - 2017-2018
  • Matthew Dodson '20U - 2017-2018
  • Charu Kulkarni '18L - 2017-2018
  • Joelle Simeu '19U - 2017-2018

Committee Charge

University Committee on Inclusiveness and Campus Climate (UCICC) reports to the President and is charged to provide guidance to the President and other members of the university as we build a supportive, inclusive and diverse community and create a climate open and welcoming to persons from diverse backgrounds. The committee represents the views of students, staff, administration, and faculty. It will help the University fulfill its institutional values that stress the importance of the individual and respect for others.

Reporting directly to the President, the committee's specific charge is to:

  1. Produce an annual report on our campus climate, especially with respect to inclusiveness and diversity, that charts the University's progress on key longitudinal measures.
  2. Advise the president on matters related to inclusiveness and campus climate.
  3. Address from time to time particular issues of concern, such as gender or racial relations across campus, through focused study and analysis, and make recommendations to the President for further action by appropriate University officials, committees or administrative bodies.
  4. Provide an institutional platform to address issues of inclusiveness and diversity, in response to concerns within the campus community.

The committee membership consists of the following: Executive Director of Human Resources; Associate Provost; four faculty members, appointed by the Provost and to include representation from each of the three academic units; a representative of the Center for International Education or a representative from the Committee on International Education; Head of the Department of Physical Education, Athletics, and Recreation; Assistant Dean for Law Student Affairs in the School of Law; an Associate Dean of Student Affairs; head of the Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program or a representative from that program's core faculty selected by the Provost; three non-exempt staff members, appointed by the Vice President for Finance and Administration upon the recommendation of the Executive Director of Human Resources, chosen from the operations and support staff to attain broad representation; one supervisor/administrator, appointed by the Vice President for Finance and Administration upon the recommendation of the Executive Director of Human Resources; and four students, to include at least one law student, nominated by the Executive Committee of the Student Body and appointed by the Vice President for Student Affairs. Student appointments will take place in the spring term preceding the academic year in which appointed students begin service.

Members serve three-year terms, with the exception of the students who will serve one-year terms but also be eligible for additional terms through re-nomination by the Executive Committee and subsequent re-appointment by the VPSA/Dean of Students. The terms of the initial members of the committee will be staggered to ensure continuity of membership in the committee's formative years.

The committee is co-chaired by the Associate Provost and the Executive Director of Human Resources.

Executive Overview

The University Committee on Inclusiveness and Campus Climate (UCICC) was created by then- President Ruscio in November of 2008. Since then, the committee has met throughout each academic year and discussed a variety of issues. The academic year 2017-18 was a particularly active year due, in part, to the Charlottesville incident that occurred on August 12, 2017, which led to the formation of the Commission on Institutional History and Community and directly impacted UCCIC’s conversations. The University also spent the year actively involved in Strategic Planning, for which diversity and inclusion issues were a key priority. UCICC met biweekly throughout the year and reached out to a number of different constituencies to meet with committee members formally or informally. Among our primary goals were:

  • to get a broader understanding of all the diversity and inclusion work currently happening across campus;
  • to increase visibility of UCICC to aid in documenting the campus climate, to increase awareness of diversity efforts, and to inform our recommendations; and
  • to build upon the momentum from strategic planning and the Commission to develop concrete recommendations for change.

The results of our discussions are summarized in the recommendations section of this report. These recommendations were informed by the conversations and data we collected throughout the year. UCICC has already implemented several of the recommendations. Others have been passed along to the appropriate offices for consideration. Some of the suggestions are already being done on campus, but there is a lack of awareness among the broader community of many of these initiatives. In addition, we have found that initiatives to address issues of diversity and inclusion among faculty and staff currently fall far behind those aimed at students. This is one of the factors that gives rise to our primary recommendation for a comprehensive campus climate survey that will provide data on all constituencies.

Overview of the Committee's Work in 2017-2018

Half-Day Planning Retreat: August 18, 2018

Note: The Charlottesville incident occurred on August 12, 2017, less than a week before our planning retreat and was on the forefront of everyone’s minds during our discussions.

The goal of UCICC’s fall retreat was to familiarize ourselves with the diversity and inclusion work currently being done on campus, better understand our role in the context of this work and within the university as a whole, and determine our priorities and next steps for the 2017-18 academic year. We began by setting some ground rules for our discussions to ensure open communication amongst the committee members when discussing complex, challenging, and emotionally charged topics. Guest Marc Conner then talked about the historical context of UCICC, its charge, and role. This was followed by a series of reports to update the committee on the state of diversity and inclusion work at W&L.


  • Diversity Working Group and Student Affairs, Guests Sidney Evans and Tammi Simpson
  • Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Diversity Training, Tammy Futrell
  • Student Organizations, Tammy Futrell
  • Faculty and Staff Initiatives, Mary Main
  • International Students, Faculty, and Staff, Hunter Swanson
  • Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Sarah Blythe
  • ARC Program and Law School update, Marcia France

The committee discussed the current situation on campus, the Charlottesville incident and the response on campus, the GroupMe incident from spring 2017, and the committee’s desire to effect real change on campus. We ended by brainstorming ideas for things that can be done to help improve inclusivity and the campus climate. This generated a working document that was discussed at different meetings throughout the academic year and ultimately finalized in the recommendations that came out of UCICC during the academic year as well as the 2017-2018.

Fall Semester 2017

The committee continued to discuss what it might do during the year, as well as the responses committee members were hearing from constituencies across campus regarding the Charlottesville incident.

We held joint meetings with:

  • the Office of Diversity and Inclusion,
  • leaders of multicultural student organizations,
  • members of the Commission on Institutional History and Community; and
  • the Strategic Planning Diversity Working Group.

The Committee also discussed with Public Safety Director Ethan Kipnes the University’s plans to ensure the safety of the community following multiple incidents surrounding Confederate memorials across the country.

The committee began compiling suggestions for improving the campus climate to share with President Dudley and the Commission for their consideration.

UCICC discussed increasing our campus connections and visibility and in the Fall of 2017, we implemented the following:

  1. Adding information about UCICC and photos of members to the ODI website to increase visibility
  2. Provide mechanisms for the community to give feedback to UCICC, anonymous if desired. The following were all advertised on campus notices weekly from January through May 2018:
    • Campus notices encouraging feedback to any UCICC member.
    • Office hours with UCICC co-chair Marcia France
    • UCICC email address for feedback
    • UCICC feedback form, which has the option of providing anonymous feedback. This was one of the most successful initiatives, receiving 33 responses
  3. Send representatives to meetings of the different student organizations and other relevant committees
    • Tammy Futrell ran ODI meetings of student leaders
    • Marcia France joined Diversity and First Generation Working Group
    • Mary Main is a member of the Commission
    • Mary Main and Tammy Futrell are both members of the Strategic Planning Diversity Working Group
    • Marcia France and Tammy Futrell both attended FLIP events

December 5, 2017

Committee meeting with President Dudley. Discussed initiatives President Dudley has undertaken since his arrival in January 2017; UCICC’s work to date and President Dudley’s vision for UCICC; how UCICC can best serve him in its advisory capacity; and how UCICC fits in with strategic planning, the Commission, and other diversity work on campus.

Winter Semester 2018

January 10, 2018

Public Statement to W&L students about Lee-Jackson Day events:

UCCIC held informational meetings with:

  • Sidney Evans, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students. We discussed the 2013 and 2017 Candler Reports, which were commissioned by Student Affairs to study the campus climate for undergraduate students.
  • Marc Conner, Provost. He gave a presentation on faculty search and hiring strategies, results from recent searches, and strategies for the future.
  • Kristy Crickenberger and Bryan Price. They shared the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) and gave a detailed presentation on 2017 NSSE data, with emphasis on breakdowns by ethnicity, gender, and Greek/non-Greek.

January 25,2018

UCICC sent letter of support and suggestions to Chair of Commission of Institutional History and Community.

February 2, 2018

UCICC Endorsement of Diversity and Inclusion Working Group Recommendations sent to Marc Conner and Sidney Evans. UCICC Recommendation on Implicit Bias Training submitted to President Dudley with a copy to Marc Conner.

February 11, 2018

New diversity statement was approved by Board of Trustees.

April 18, 2018

UCICC Endorsement of Strategic Planning Diversity Working Group Full Report submitted to Marc Conner, Sidney Evans, and President Dudley.

April 30, 2018

Co-chairs meeting with President Dudley. Discussion of UCICC’s endorsement of strategic plan and received update on status of recommendations and President Dudley’s perspective. President Dudley will meet with committee at beginning of fall and winter terms.

May 2018

UCICC members participated in the interview process for the newly created position of Director for Inclusion and Engagement.

Demographic Data

Each year UCICC reports the demographic data (including gender and race/ethnicity) for the faculty, staff and student population. The data can be obtained from the 2017-2018 Fact Book.

2017-2018 UCICC Recommendations

The following is the list of recommendations, ideas, and suggestions that was initiated at UCICC’s retreat in August 2017 and continued to evolve throughout 2017-2018. As of July 2018, some of these ideas have already been accomplished. The status of each appears in boldface type, along with our recommendations and suggested follow up.

Accomplished in 2017-2018

  1. Diversity training for faculty/staff. Being incorporated into new employee orientation starting Fall 2018.
  2. Increase UCICC visibility:
    1. Poster with UCICC member photos, contact information, encourage people to reach out to any member. Did not put out poster, but ODI website has link with photos and we’ve advertised weekly in campus notices with the link since January 2018.
    2. Office hours with UCICC members. Done weekly since January 2018, advertised in campus notices.
    3. Places for people to give feedback (anonymous if desired). Done.
      • Campus notices asking for feedback. Appeared weekly since January 2018.
      • UCICC email for feedback – or way to give anonymous feedback on a website. Advertised weekly in campus notices since January 2018.
  3. New diversity statement. Approved by Board of Trustees February 11, 2018.

Recommendations Submitted or in Progress

  1. Implicit bias training for departments undergoing searches. Recommendation submitted to president and provost on February 2, 2018. Working group chaired by Mary Main has been formed to look at entire recruitment process.
  2. Create full-time high level university-wide position dedicated to issues related to diversity, inclusion, and campus climate. Endorsement of Strategic Planning Diversity Working Group recommendation for Diversity Cabinet, submitted to Marc Conner and Sidney Evans on February 2, 2018. There is a new position in Tammy Futrell’s office.
  3. Equal access for all. For example, spring term course costs are not accessible for everyone, financial aid is insufficient. Will Dudley has already committed to this.
  4. Accessibility audit. The University has secured a consultant and an accessibility audit is currently underway.
  5. Campus climate survey or full diversity audit/campus climate study, possibly using external firm. Recommendation currently being prepared and will be submitted to President Dudley in Fall 2018.
  6. Full Recommendations of Strategic Planning Diversity Working Group. Endorsement of Strategic Planning Diversity Working Group’s full recommendations, submitted April 18, 2018.
  7. Add questions on diversity and inclusion (in teaching, mentoring demographically underrepresented students, etc.) to Faculty Activities Report. Marcia France has made this recommendation to Provost Marc Conner.


Appendix 1. Summary of Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives on Campus in 2017-2018

Part of UCICC’s charge is to “produce an annual report on our campus climate, especially with respect to inclusiveness and diversity, that charts the University's progress on key longitudinal measures.” UCICC’s activities are documented in the body of the report. There are many additional initiatives taking place across campus that are organized by different groups and offices. However, many members of the W&L community are unaware of a lot of these efforts. In this appendix, we submit a partial listing of other initiatives that took place on campus in 2017- 2018, in order to highlight diversity and inclusion work across campus. Although UCICC members played a role in many of the following, these were not UCICC-sponsored initiatives.

  1. Strategic Planning
  2. Commission on Institutional History and Community
  3. Washington and Lee University: Education and History Series
  4. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Events
  5. Office of Diversity and Inclusion (now Office of Inclusion and Engagement) Events
  6. Diversity and First Generation Working Group
    • Angel Fund – received additional funding and broader dissemination of information about the fund
    • Creation of food pantry with assistance from Campus Kitchen (open 24 hours/day and 7 days/week)
    • Career Closet (in the process of developing a system to check-out and return interview attire)
    • Support of FLIP’s lending library on the Commons 4th floor
    • Expand efforts related to first-generation students during orientation and Parents and Family Weekend
    • Continue to explore ways to best support our DACA students
    • Focus on how to foster diversity and inclusion in academic affairs such as fall academy, and increase opportunities for interdisciplinary classes and programming;
    • funding for career trips and other career-related opportunities
  7. Student Activities
  8. Fall and Winter Academy sessions, including a full day of sessions on inclusive pedagogies scheduled for Fall 2018
  9. Other Diversity Efforts (List from Sidney Evans)
    • ODI transitions in name and staffing, including a future multicultural center
    • LGBTQ Center moved to the Red House – a positive move to a more central campus location
    • Significant renovations to Chavis House and Spanish House
    • Next fall: Sankofa House, will provide a residential and social space for students of the African diaspora and their allies
    • Alumni mentoring initiative will benefit both current students and alumni of color
    • Diversity training continues to evolve with positive feedback and greater requests from W&L community members. A recent fraternity training went well and further Greek training efforts are planned for next year
    • One room rental rate for campus housing regardless of room type (single, double, triple)
    • Athletics would like to participate in trainings and assist in furthering diversity initiatives. Linking diverse student-athlete recruits to our human resources would be advantageous. A suggestion was made to highlight diversity trainers on the ODI website.

Appendix 2. Summary of Data Considered by UCICC in 2017-2018 to Support Recommendations

  1. Informal conversations of UCICC members with members of the W&L community
  2. Formal meetings with various constituencies as documented in report
    • Marc Conner, Committee history and charge, faculty searches
    • Sidney Evans and Tammi Simpson, Diversity Working Group and Student Affairs
    • Office of Diversity and Inclusion, and student leaders from multicultural organizations
    • Strategic Planning Diversity Subcommittee
    • Johanna Bond, Chair of Strategic Planning Diversity Subcommittee
    • President Dudley
    • Commission
    • Sidney Evans, Candler Reports
    • Kristy Crickenberger and Bryan Price, NSSE
  3. Perspectives of committee members who represent various specific constituencies
    • Sarah Blythe, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
    • Tamara Futrell, Student Affairs, Office of Diversity and Inclusion
    • Marcia France, Academic Affairs
    • Jan Hathorn, Department of Physical Education, Athletics and Recreation
    • Mary Main, Human Resources
    • Paul Rollins, Law School
    • Leonard Satterwhite, Admissions
    • Hunter Swanson, International Education
    • Ethan Kipnes, Security
    • Student representatives
  4. University Factbook data