Alumni College

Top 10 Reasons To Attend the W&L Alumni College:

#10: Education is healthy. People with active minds live longer, happier lives. Mental fitness is as important as physical fitness, for the mind is like a muscle—use it or lose it!

#9: You'll rediscover the beauty and the marvelous resources of the W&L campus, not just on paper or in the abstract, but in the present tense as a campus resident.

#8: You'll also rediscover the W&L "brain trust" by getting to know the W&L faculty. You find that they are not only smart but friendly, dedicated, and colorful people with lots to say, the skill to say it well, and a professional ability to listen carefully.

#7: You'll meet new friends, people like you who enjoy unusual vacations, people with active minds and a sense of adventure, but with one important thing in common: a bonding affection for W&L.

#6: A refreshing escape from routines at home and at the office has a wonderfully clarifying effect on the mind and soul. New and unusual activities will stimulate your mental acuity, reanimate your personality and help you to rediscover who you are and what you truly enjoy in life.

#5: The subjects taught at Alumni College are not only interesting but valuable. It is important to know what is going on in Europe today, or what Shakespeare had to say about taking "arms against a sea of troubles," or what special qualities lay behind Teddy Roosevelt's extraordinary political career.

#4: You'll have an excellent opportunity to get to know W&L students, who as resident assistants take care of your accommodations and dine with you every day. They are eager to get to know you and to share with you their experience of W&L today.

#3: The amenities are surprisingly good: great meals prepared exclusively for you by a creative chef devoted to flavor, variety, and heart-healthy menus. Also, you'll have all the privacy and convenience you need in our campus hotel, as each couple or single is assigned a private bedroom near facilities.

#2: The price is right. At $795 per person per week, you get 10 meals, five cocktail receptions, private, air-conditioned accommodations, books, evening entertainment, as well as a full program combining leisure with learning. You'd spend that in a day and a half at resort hotel and still have to come up with your own amusement.

And Finally...

#1: At the Alumni College, you can pass a W&L course without writing a single paper or taking an exam! And at 10 courses, you get a free polo shirt!