Task Forces and Committees

At W&L, diversity and inclusion is a community effort. Various committees and task forces of faculty, staff, and students come together regularly to discuss issues relating to diversity, equity, and social justice and to create innovative solutions to building an inclusive campus climate.

University Committee on Inclusiveness and Campus Climate

University Committee on Inclusiveness and Campus Climate (UCICC) reports to the President and is charged to provide guidance to the President and other members of the university as we build a supportive, inclusive and diverse community and create a climate open and welcoming to persons from diverse backgrounds. The committee represents the views of students, staff, administration, and faculty. It will help the University fulfill its institutional values that stress the importance of the individual and respect for others.

Reporting directly to the President, the committee's specific charge is to:

  1. Produce an annual report on our campus climate, especially with respect to inclusiveness and diversity, that charts the University's progress on key longitudinal measures.
  2. Advise the president on matters related to inclusiveness and campus climate.
  3. Address from time to time particular issues of concern, such as gender or racial relations across campus, through focused study and analysis, and make recommendations to the President for further action by appropriate University officials, committees or administrative bodies.
  4. Provide an institutional platform to address issues of inclusiveness and diversity, in response to concerns within the campus community.

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Ex Officio Members

Melina Bell
Professor of Philosophy and Law

Paul Youngman
Associate Provost

Tamara Futrell
Dean for Diversity, Inclusion and Student Engagement

Janine Hathorn
Head of the Department of Physical Education, Athletics and Recreation

Mary Main
Executive Director, Human Resources

Leonard Satterwhite  
Associate Dean of Admissions

Hunter Swanson  
Associate Director, International Education

Faculty Members

Lynn Chin
Assistant Professor of Sociology

Elizabeth Denne
Associate Professor of Mathematics

Elicia Cowins
Assistant Professor of Accounting

Helen I'Anson
John T. Perry Professor of Biology and Research Science

Staff and Administration

Katherine Brinkley
Executive Assistant to the Board of Trustees
Jessica Wager
Executive Assistant - Provost’s Office

Ethan Kipnes
Director of Public Safety 


Matthew Dodson

Joelle Simeu