Applied Music

Lessons are available to all W&L students, regardless of major. Students can study many orchestra or band instruments, piano, guitar, drumset and voice.

Contact the Music Department administrative assistant for more information at (540) 458-8852.

Applied Music Faculty

  • Tom Artwick, saxophone and jazz improvisation
  • Heather Dobbins, double reeds
  • Christine Fairfield, voice
  • Julia Goudimova, cello
  • Jesse Harper, acoustic/classical guitar
  • Akiko Konishi, piano
  • Clinton Linkmeyer, high brass
  • Megan Mason, viola
  • Jaime McArdle, violin
  • William McCorkle, piano, organ and harpsichord
  • Erin Murphy, flute
  • Gregory Parker, voice
  • Shane Roderick, percussion
  • Matthew Schucker, low brass
  • Patrick Summers, piano
  • Terry Vosbein, composition
  • Elisha Willinger, clarinet

Rules and Regulations


  1. Applied lessons are offered in piano, organ, voice, violin, viola, cello, bass, steel string guitar, classical guitar, brass, woodwinds and percussion. (Music 141, 241, 341, 441)
  2. One credit is awarded for ten 45-minute lessons in fall and winter terms or eight 55-minute lessons in spring term.
  3. Students are required to practice a minimum of five hours per week in fall and winter terms, and seven hours per week in spring term.
  4. Students who show sufficient skill and dedication may be permitted to register for two-credit applied lessons upon reaching the 300-level. This will result in two 45-minute lessons each week for ten weeks of the fall and winter terms and require the student to practice a minimum of ten hours per week during these terms. This option is not available for the spring term.


  1. The fee is $360.00 per credit for fall, winter and spring terms.
  2. Fees will be billed to the student's account by the Business Office.
  3. Declared music majors are eligible for one set of free applied lessons each term. Students taking applied piano lessons to satisfy piano proficiency requirements are exempted from the fee for those lessons.
  4. A student who drops applied music after the drop/add period ends will be charged the full fee.


  1. Fall term registration is accomplished simply by registering online for the proper course. A list of course numbers, instructors and instruments is available from the Music Department Administrative Assistant.
  2. If applied music registration results in an overload, the student should get permission from the appropriate Dean to take an overload. Such permission is commonly given for applied music.
  3. Winter term registration requires permission of the instructor in order to register.
    Students should be sure to contact the appropriate instructor to receive permission prior to registering.
  4. A student who registers for fall-term applied lessons is expected to continue at least into the winter term.

Special Rules and Regulations

  1. All students enrolled in applied lessons are required to perform in at least two studio classes in each of the fall and winter terms and one studio class in the spring term. In addition, performance at a final jury will be required of each student for the fall and winter terms. Specific requirements for the studio classes and jury will be determined by the individual instructor. Although there is no jury required in the spring term, each instructor will expect students to perform at least one selection as a summative assessment of work done during the term.
  2. If a student cannot attend a lesson for a valid reason such as illness, the student should call the instructor at least two hours before the missed lesson to schedule a make-up lesson. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the make-up lesson.
  3. An instructor may decide at any time that a student should not continue lessons into the next term if the student is not showing enough commitment. The student will be informed of such a decision before the registration period for the next term.
  4. All music majors must enroll in MUS 200 Recital Attendance every term they are in residence after declaring the music major. All music minors must complete four (4) terms of MUS 200 Recital Attendance. Although students taking applied lessons for elective credit are not required to enroll in MUS 200, they may be asked by their applied instructor to perform on one of the two music convocation recitals during the fall or winter terms.

Other Information

  1. Students will receive a syllabus outlining what is expected of them in terms of acquiring technique, learning repertoire, etc.
  2. Music and other musical supplies may be ordered through the Music Department office and be billed to the student's account.