Faculty Fellows

The Mudd Center's Faculty Fellows program runs each year in conjunction with that year's thematic lecture series. Faculty members in the program read the works of upcoming Mudd Center speakers and then attend interdisciplinary faculty seminars in which this work is discussed. The seminars allow faculty members to engage in cross-disciplinary exchanges that further their understanding of the research relevant to each speaker, allowing for a more in-depth examination of each topic throughout the year. In addition, Faculty Fellows have an opportunity to attend special dinners and other events with visiting speakers. Thus far, the program has had faculty participation from 24 different departments and programs throughout the university.

2020-2021 (Global Ethics in the 21st Century:  Challenges and Opportunities)

2019-2020 (The Ethics of Technology)

2018-2019 (The Ethics of Identity)

2017-2018 (Equality and Difference)

2016-2017 (Markets and Morals)

2015-2016 (The Ethics of Citizenship)