Event Sponsorship and Support

The Roger Mudd Center for Ethics is willing to consider funding and co-sponsorship requests from members of the campus community for programs and events that promote ethical inquiry, deliberation, and conversation at Washington and Lee University and beyond. Individuals and groups that are interested in applying for funding should ensure that their proposed programs/events adhere to the guidelines specified below.


  • Programs/events should clearly advance the core mission of the Roger Mudd Center for Ethics (see Mission Statement).  In particular, they should explicitly promote ethical analysis and/or ethical discussion.
  • Programs/events should strive for a balanced representation of male and female speakers and should reflect diversity in other areas including race, nationality, geography, disability, age, sexual orientation, and viewpoint.
  • Programs/events must be free and open to the campus community.
  • Programs/events that could be funded through an existing source, such as University Lectures, College mini-grants, departmental operating budgets, etc., will not be considered competitive.

Procedures and Policies

  • The Mudd Center Advisory Committee will review proposals twice a year. The fall deadline for proposals is September 15.  The winter deadline for proposals is February 15. Proposals received by these dates will receive full consideration.
  • Proposals (of 500 words or less) must include the following:
    • A clear description of the proposed program/event, its goals, and its expected results.
    • An implementation plan specifying what will be done, who will be involved, and who is the intended audience.
    • A clear explanation of how the program/event advances the core mission of the Roger Mudd Center for Ethics.
    • A proposed budget indicating all planned expenses with a brief justification for each, as well as information about other co-sponsors or anticipated sources of funding.
  • Proposals should be e-mailed to the Mudd Center for Ethics at Mudd-Center@wlu.edu with the subject line: Funding Proposal.
  • All materials and publicity for funded proposals must state that the program/event has been made possible by: The Roger Mudd Center for Ethics.