LGBTQ Peer Counselors

trained, friendly peer counselors all identify as members of the LGBTQ community. They are willing to share their experiences on campus and invite you to contact them any time with questions, concerns, or if you just want an ear to bend.

Andrew Claybrook '22

Over the Corona-break, I took up knitting, embroidery, and cross stitch.
He/Him || Email Andrew:

I can talk about: Specific experience with navigating queerness in the South, but happy to talk about anything!

Eli Bradley '22

I play the organ.
He/Him || Email Eli:

I can talk about: Christianity and LGBTQ issues!

Elyssa McMaster'22

I graduated high school in the same building that the Borat Rodeo scene was filmed.
She/They || Email Elyssa:

I can talk about: queerness in the Greek system, in athletics, in Judaism, or anything else!

Finn Connor '23

I once pet a random cat on the way to class, and I ended up adopting him a year later.
He/Him || Email Finn:

I can talk about: Being queer, mental health and wellness, and complex family dynamics!

Hieu Nguyen'22

I was born with one less ligament than everyone else.
He/Him || Email Hieu:

I can talk about: LGBTQ topics surrounding Christianity and east Asian.

Lauren Hollis'24

I waitress at the Southern Inn so if you ever swing by, definitely ask to sit in "Lauren's section" so I can bring you extra bread and muffins!
She/They || Email Lauren:

I can talk about: Anything you'd like! With a special interest in maintaining and balancing all the wonderful parts of your life - relationships, academics, work, extracurriculars, etc (since that's what I'm working on too :)!

Natasha Gengler '22

I'm working on a vegetarian cookbook!
She/Her/Hers || Email Natasha:

I can talk about: Being South Asian, being LGBTQ in STEM, and anything else!

Taylor Graham'24

I'm an avid language learner.
She/Her || Email

I can talk about: Queerness as a Christian and a BIPOC student!

Timothy Wang L'22

I have attempted a spring onion galette and nettle orecchiette, with much success, and am thrilled by even the most challenging of kitchen tasks. Come at me choux pastry!
He/him/his || Email Timothy: