Lesson Plan SOLs

Each lesson plan has their own list of SOLs that apply to them. Click the links below to explore each lesson's SOLs. 

Lee as President of Washington College SOLs

Your visit will focus on the work Robert E. Lee accomplished as president of Washington College. Lee helped advance the school by bringing practical subjects like engineering and journalism to the curriculum and expanding many of the science programs by providing the latest scientific equipment.

Caring for Traveller SOLs

Inspired by the friendship between Robert E. Lee and his famous Civil War horse Traveller, the tour and museum activity will have students examining good pet ownership, responsibility and dependence, and the comparison between human and animal needs.

Good Character SOLs

Both George Washington and Robert E. Lee were men of great character. Students will learn about the different hardships each one faced and how their good character developed by overcoming those obstacles.

Lee Family Matters SOLs

Learn not just about Lee, but discover the lives of Lee’s wife, Mary Custis Lee, and their seven children. Learn about what makes each of them unique and how over time their lifestyle changed to adapt to circumstances beyond their control.

Lee Chapel – A Study in Architecture SOLs

Students will learn about Lee Chapel’s history and architecture through our tour and museum activity. Together the two will cover; the importance of investigating a place’s history, basic steps to assembling a building, an introduction to some basic math concepts and why preservation is important.