Caring for Traveller

During their visit, students will learn about the friendship between Robert E. Lee and his famous Civil War horse Traveller. Together the tour and museum activity examines good pet ownership, responsibility and dependence, and the comparison between human and animal needs.

The tour uses a map of Virginia to track Lee and Traveller's movements, while also talking about the modern advantages we have when it comes to taking care of and moving an animal. On our lower level, students will step into the footprints and hoof prints of Lee and Traveller by participating in a trust walk. Students assigned to be Lee will have to prove themselves responsible by leading their blindfolded classmate around. The blindfolded students, Traveller, will feel what it means to be dependent on someone. When finished, students will compare how they felt in these roles to what Lee and Traveller might have felt.    

Grade 4

Grade 5

Grade 6

Grade 7

English: 4.1, Intro 4.4, Intro 4.5. English: 5.1, Intro 5.5, Intro 5.6.  English: 6.1, Intro 6.5.  English: Intro 7.1, 7.2, Intro 7.5.
Science: Intro 4.5, 4.7. Science:  Intro 5.3.  Science: Intro 6.8.  Science: Intro LS.11.
History and Social Science: Intro VS.2a, b, c. Intro VS.7b, Intro VS.8a.  History and Social Science: Intro USI.9a, Intro USI. 9d.  History and Social Science: Intro USII.3c History and Social Science: Intro CE.3d, Intro CE.4 a, b, c, d, e, f, g.

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Teachers may also download pre- and post-visit activities do to in conjunction with their field study. If your class can not schedule a visit with us, Lee Chapel has provided a full lesson that can be conducted in the classroom.   

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