Wireless: How to Remove Network on a Mac


Why do I need to remove WLUsec?

On Dec. 31, 2016, W&L's "WLUsec" wireless network will be discontinued. it is being replaced by "eduroam," a secure wireless available since summer 2016 and offering off-campus wireless access at hundreds of locations. After you connect to eduroam, your computer may still "remember" WLUsec and switch your connection back automatically. Removing WLUsec from your computer's list of known wireless networks will prevent that from happening.

How do I 'forget' WLUsec on my mac?

Step 1: Go to system preferences and select 'Network' 

Mac system preferences with 'Network' circled

Step 2: Unlock the settings by clicking on the lock button and typing in your password. Then click 'Advanced'

Network settings box with the settings unlocked for editing and 'Advanced' circled

Step 3: In the Wi-Fi tab, find WLUsec and remove it using the '-' symbol. 

Advanced Network settings, in wifi tab, WLUsec highlighted and the minus sign circled