Activity Trackers

You do not need to wear an activity tracker to participate in the Live Well W&L program. However, a number of activity trackers are compatible with Live Well W&L and there are opportunities to work towards your wellness goal using a tracker. A complete list of compatible devices is provided in the W&L Devices Flyer listed on the Live Well W&L Resource Center page.

Additionally, if you do not have a tracker and would like one, Live Well W&L provides two options. Live Well W&L will provide a Garmin vívokí activity tracker to benefit eligible employees to use with the program or you may request a $25 subsidy to purchase a tracker of your choice through the University Store. Contact the University Store at for an up-to-date list of available trackers and prices.

The Garmin vivoki requires syncing through a mobile app or at one of three vívohub syncing stations on campus: the Elrod University Commons computer kiosk, the Law School Library Circulation Desk, and the University Facilities Helpdesk. Other trackers require apps and possibly Bluetooth connection.

To request a $25 tracker voucher or a Garmin vívokí, please complete the Tracker Request Form below.

Tracker Request Form