Step 6. Closing the Search

  • When your final candidate is moved into the Ready for Hire step in Workday, you will also receive a notification that provides you with instructions for dispositioning and contacting the candidates who were not selected. Please contact Anne Remington,, if you have any questions as you go through this process. Details are available on pages 8-9 of the Recruiting Overview for Hiring Managers Job Aid.
  • All applicants need to hear from the University regarding their applicant status before the search is closed. The hiring manager is encouraged to personally contact those candidates who were invited to interview letting them know the position has been filled.
  • Hiring managers can use Workday to send emails to the applicants not interviewed letting them know the position has been filled.
  • We are now housing search files in Human Resources to assist with federal regulatory compliance and reduce risk if litigation is ever brought against the University with regard to hiring practice. Please send the following to Anne Remington, or share via Box: interview questions (phone, Skype, Zoom, in person), interview itineraries, and any interview notes. We are required to keep anything pertinent to the hire. After the required three-year retention period, the documents will be shredded and/or deleted from our departmental drive.