Step 5. Finalists and Selecting the Final Candidate

  • After the preliminary phone or video interview, three or four finalists should be selected for on-campus interviews. You must contact HR prior to inviting candidates for on-campus visits. At this point you should move finalists into the Interview stage in Workday. You can use Workday to schedule W&L interviewers, but you will still need to send a separate appointment request to candidates. For details see pages 5 through 6 of the Recruiting Overview for Hiring Managers Job Aid.
  • Hiring managers are responsible for informing internal candidates that they are a finalist for the posted position. Internal applicants are required to inform their current supervisor of their candidacy should they become a finalist for the position.
  • Top candidates can be scheduled to return to campus for the second round of interviews with the committee or other members of the W&L community.
  • For full-time positions and part-time positions with partial benefits positions, refer the candidate to the Benefits Guidebook for a comprehensive list of benefits information. Kim Austin or Jason Bunn is available to answer specific benefits questions and is willing to meet with finalists during the on-campus interview process. 
  • All top candidates for Administrative Assistant positions are required to take Skills Testing through Human Resources. Notify Anne Remington,, of the top candidates. The testing will be scheduled by Human Resources. Candidates scores will be shared with the hiring manager. 
  • Reference checks on at least the final candidate (whether internal or external) must be conducted by the hiring manager, and written notes of those reference checks must be maintained for the search file. Move candidates to Reference Check stage in Workday and enter your written notes. The hiring manager should speak with the candidate's current supervisor.
  • The hiring manager must consult with the Assistant Director of Compensation Programs before an offer is extended. Following the consultation, the hiring manager will extend a verbal offer contingent upon an acceptable background check.
  • Once a verbal offer is accepted, move the candidate to Offer stage in Workday. Refer to pages 6 through 8 of the Recruiting Overview for Hiring Managers Job Aid for instructions on entering a job offer into Workday.
  • Human Resources sends the official offer letter via Workday. Once the candidate accepts the formal offer letter, they will be routed to HR for the background check process. 
  • When a candidate has passed the background check they will be moved to a status called Ready for Hire in Workday. The hiring manager will need to complete three additional Workday inbox tasks at this time; Revise Employee Hire, Change Organization Assignments, and Onboarding Setup. See pages 9 and 10 of the Job Aid.
  • Please note, you still need to receive notification from HR that the person is cleared to work. They still need to complete hiring paperwork and employment authorization to be cleared to work.
  • All new hires must complete the appropriate paperwork before beginning work. Human Resources will schedule the new employee for the following:
    • Phase I Orientation, held Monday mornings for new benefit eligible employees. During this session employees will learn about the University's employee benefits and receive information about University policies and procedures that relate to employment with Washington and Lee University. Employees will be expected to attend two additional orientations:
    • Phase II: Held the first Wednesday of each month.  During this orientation, employees will learn about the PATH, which is the annual performance review for staff. You will also learn about our Wellness program and how to save money on your W&L health insurance premiums all while staying healthy.
    • Phase III: This orientation is held bi-annually. In this orientation, employees will meet members of the university's senior leadership team and will learn about the university's mission, values and strategic plan. In addition, we will cover other important topics about working at Washington and Lee.
  • The hiring department is expected to provide an orientation to the new employee's work area, make appropriate introductions to co-workers, and provide specific, technical job training. The New Hire Checklist for Hiring Managers provides helpful details.

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