Step 3. Reviewing Applications

Applications may be reviewed by the hiring manager and search committee as they are received but you are encouraged to wait at least one week after posting before beginning interviews. This waiting period provides time for the pool to develop, and it ensures that most applicants are considered.

  • Access applications through the Job Requisition workspace in Workday.
  • Review the application, cover letter and resume information to determine if the applicant meets the minimum requirements as outlined on the job description, and has provided the required information. Review the resume to determine how the strengths and weaknesses compare to the position requirements. Candidates who do not meet the advertised minimum requirements should not be interviewed or hired.
  • Applications are released directly to the hiring department. Hiring managers must be sure the applicant has answered "yes" to the question of whether they are eligible to work in the U.S. If not, the hiring manager should contact the Assistant Director of Talent Recruitment.
  • Hiring managers will need to move candidates into the Required HR Screening stage before finalist's interviews are scheduled. HR will review finalist's applications for applicants who may not be eligible to be considered. (Former W&L employee not eligible for re-hire, legally able to work, etc.). HR will also be able, at this point, to notify Executive Director of HR of internal candidates.
  • Anne Remington can provide training on Workday review and reporting to make checking these data points quick and easy. 
  • It is the hiring managers' responsibility to contact Anne Remington weekly during the search to provide an update on the status - otherwise candidates will be referred to you for updates.

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