Sick-Leave Reserve (SLR)

Each full-time benefit-eligible staff or administrative employee receives one week upon employment. (Additional time credited to the SLR is the result of an automatic transfer from the CTO plan when an employee is nearing the CTO maximum). SLR can be used for personal illnesses or doctor's appointments, doctor's appointments for immediate family members, or to care for an ill member of the immediate family*.

SLR can also be used to cover the first ten working days of an employee's extended absence due to a serious illness or injury. After the first ten working days, eligible employees will be covered by the University's Short-Term Disability plan for up to six calendar months.

The number of days in the SLR is capped at 60 to cover the 12 weeks allotted for family and medical leave in circumstances when the University's Short Term Disability plan does not apply. Employees who leave the University are not paid for time in the SLR.

*Immediate family includes spouse or domestic partner, parents, grandparents, stepparents, children, grandchildren, siblings, brothers/sisters-in-law, sons/daughters-in-law, and father/mother-in-law.

SLR  for Part-Time with Partial Benefits Employees

Part-time with partial benefits employees do not receive SLR. They receive 30 hours of CTO upon employment and each anniversary date thereafter to be used for paid time off such as vacations and illnesses.