Long Term Care Insurance

Employees and their eligible family members can purchase voluntary, long term care insurance through Genworth Life Insurance Company.

Not to be confused with disability insurance, which pays a portion of your salary should you become disabled, long term care insurance covers the actual costs for covered in-home and facility care (up to your chosen monthly maximum amount) when you need assistance to perform at least two activities of daily living or have a cognitive impairment such as Alzheimer's Disease.

To get more details about this voluntary group program, including benefits, eligibility, and portability for you or your spouse or partner, and other family members, review this information. Once you have reviewed the information you can go to the Genworth's website to review premiums and apply. Enter the Group Name / User ID: "WLU" and Access Code: "groupltc." Or, if you prefer, you can call Genworth's customer service department at 1-800-416-3624 to get answers to any questions you have.