Combined Time Off

Combined Time Off (CTO) can be used for vacation, personal illness, doctor's appointments, and other personal reasons, including care of immediate family who are seriously ill and require care at home, and for children's doctors' appointments which cannot be scheduled outside of working hours.

Departments establish practices for providing notice of absences from work and for scheduling time away. Some departments whose workload is directly dependent on students being on campus take their time off when students are not in residence. Other departments schedule time off by mutual arrangement based upon the person's need and the department's workload.

  • Full-time benefit-eligible staff and administrators accrue CTO each payday. CTO accrual tables are available on the HR website. CTO does not accrue during unpaid leaves or once an employee has reached the maximum accrual.

  • Employees who are in the "part-time with partial benefits category receive 30 hours of CTO upon employment and each work anniversary date thereafter. The maximum accrual for this employment category is 45 hours.

  • Employees (exempt and non-exempt) who work less than twelve months or have a pro-rated weekly schedule receive the appropriate accrual based on the months/hours scheduled to work; and CTO can only be used during the months in which the employee is scheduled.

  • When using CTO, non-exempt employees record hours used. Exempt employees should report CTO in half or full day increments to preserve exempt status.

  • To learn more about recording CTO, refer to this page for Workday job aids under Time Enry and Time Off.

  • Employees may not elect to take leave unpaid if accrued time exists in their CTO bank without prior approval from Human Resources, and only then for exceptional circumstances.

  • Beginning January 1, 2021, employees who leave the University will be paid for unused CTO up to a maximum of 20 days, as long as CTO has been recorded appropriately throughout their employment.

  • Each time an employee is within 20 hours of reaching their CTO maximum, Workday will automatically transfer a minimum number of hours to the Sick-Leave Reserve (SLR) until they reach the SLR maximum. This way, the employee will continue to accrue CTO each payday until both CTO and SLR are at their maximums.

  • Assistant Coaches are contracted annually for up to four years. Due to the varied schedule required for the Assistant Coach role, these positions do not participate in Combined Time Off (CTO) or the Sick-Leave Reserve (SLR). Assistant Coaches are required to report sick days and schedule all planned absences with their direct supervisor. All University Holidays are available to be taken off by Assistant Coaches, except in the unusual circumstance in which team athletic events are scheduled on a holiday. If an Assistant Coach must work a University Holiday, they may schedule a different day off during the same fiscal year.

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