Malinda Smith '06

Environmental Studies Academy Faculty, Western Albemarle High School
BA, Washington and Lee University
Master's of Teaching, University of Virginia

People seem to often think majoring in science means becoming pigeonholed into a career in research. There's nothing wrong with that -- but it's far from the only option! One of the best things about being a part of the Geology department at W&L is the amazing support you get from the faculty, regardless of your future plans (or unknown plans) in the field, and both during and after your tenure as a student. I didn't consider teaching until several years after graduating. I happened to be back in Lexington and I made an unannounced visit to the department, intending just to pop in and say hi. I ended up talking with Chris Connors for over an hour about my career plans. That conversation clinched my decision to teach, not just because it reminded me how much I love geology, but because it reminded me how important teachers and mentors are in our lives.

Environmental Studies Academy