Lizzy Mann '12

Geologist, Marathan Oil Company
BS, Washington and Lee University
MS, University of Oklahoma

When I came to W&L, I was under the impression geology would be an easy way to get my lab science requirement out of the way. I took the freshmen-only Intro Geology course with Lisa Greer. I've never been so confused or so curious, and I loved it! She encouraged me to sign up for the Spring Term trip out West - when we got back, I asked Lisa to be my advisor and I declared Geology as my major. Fast forward 8 years and I'm now working as a Geologist for Marathon Oil. Starting a career in the energy industry right before a historic downturn has been interesting to say the least! As an Operations Geologist, I've been the primary geologist for 2-4 drilling rigs and have planned and geosteered over 100 wells in the Eagle Ford play in South Texas. I work 24/7 with engineers and field personnel, translating my geologic interpretations into actions - every day is a new, exciting challenge. I feel so lucky to have stumbled upon the Geology Department at W&L and grateful that Lisa, along with the other professors in the department, had a passion for geology that was downright contagious. I am continually amazed by W&L's Geology Department and its generous alumnus - I wholeheartedly credit my success in the energy industry to W&L. If you are interested in geology - talk to a professor, sign up for a course, or ask an alum why they love fell in love with geology! You will not regret it!

Marathon Oil Company