Leslie A. Fischbeck '02

Washington DC Operations Manager, Ecology and Environment, Inc.
BA, Washington and Lee University

I took intro geology my freshman year and immediately loved it. By sophomore year I knew I had found my department and went on to earn a B.A. in Environmental Studies in Geology. I loved being outside exploring Rockbridge County during class field days and conducting traveling to the Southwest US and the Pyrenees as part of our studies, learning from professors whose scientific passions were contagious, and working with classmates who helped -- and drove -- each other to success. 

Ecology and Environment, Inc. hired me as an environmental consultant in Fall 2002. I was immediately using my degree, conducting field investigations of groundwater, soil, and sediment sampling for NPS and BLM sites. My focus transitioned to the energy industry after serving as a paleontology monitor for a pipeline expansion project in the Mojave Desert where I saw a strong multidisciplinary team dynamic responsible for long-term success. Since 2010, I've served as Ecology and Environment, Inc.'s Washington, DC Operations Manager. While managing projects and overseeing contracts, I also provide technical and strategic support, help grow our business with new and existing clients, and provide management support for my talented colleagues.

W&L gave me perspective on more than just my major. It required me to be articulate both in written word and in person; encouraged me to be social, interactive, and team oriented yet also driven and self-sufficient; and built a technically strong background in my particular science but gave me an awareness and desire to understand other subjects and fields.

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