Emily Flowers Falls

Geology Laboratory Technician Extraordinaire, Washington and Lee University
BS, Radford University
MS, Eastern Kentucky University

What is there not to love about Geology?? After taking a trip to the American Southwest in high school, I am still having a hard time finding answers to that question. At the time, I didn't realize that there were careers that could incorporate such magnificent places. I was on the Elementary Education track at Radford University when I stumbled into my first Geology class. Before I knew it, I was in my second Geology class and trying to figure out a way to tell my parents that I wanted to switch majors late in my sophomore year. To my surprise, they handled it quite well. My Mom was not that shocked because every trip or hike I had gone on usually involved me bringing home pockets and sometimes backpacks full of rocks. And my Dad was so joyful of my enthusiasm for Geology that he almost signed up for a few classes too. After obtaining a Master's degree from Eastern Kentucky University, I started working at Washington and Lee University as the Geology Department's Laboratory Technician and I absolutely love it.