Student Theses

Many of our students conduct research either with one of the professors in the geology dept., the Keck Geology Consortium, or at other national labs and NSF REU programs that lead to the writing of a thesis. Students conduct research during the summer, through independent studies during the year and through their theses. Students receiving funding assistance from the R. Preston Hawkins IV Geology Award; the Samuel J. Kozak-Odell S. McGuire-Edgar W. Spencer-Frederick L. Schwab Award; the Edgar W. Spencer '53 Geology Field Research Award; the Provost's Office; and Johnson Opportunity Grants.

Recent Student Theses

Chantal Iosso '20 Impacts of Low-Head Dam Construction and Removal with Little Channel Sediment Storage: Case Study from the Maury River, Virginia
Chris Messerich '20 Constraining the structure of the Sadlerochit Mountains, North east Alaska from high resolution photogrammetry
Ryan Monson '20 Evaluating the use of NDVI analysis in a Soil Matter study of grazed pastures, Rockbridge, VA
Iszak Morgan '20 Exploring Soil Organic Carbon Methodology and Variability in Rockbridge County Pastures

Michael Cuilik '18 Phase Mixing in Lower Crustal Shear Zones: An Example from the Maggia Nappe Switzerland
Shlomo Honig '18 Constraining Structural Complexity in the Sadlerochit Mountains, Northeastern Alaska, from Remote Geologic Mapping and Cross Section Construction
Kira Tomenchok '18 Approximate meteoric 10Be using the concentration of acid-extractable grain coatings: a case study tracing erosion depth on Dominica, Lesser Antilles
James Willey '18 Application of quartz crystal preferred opening angle techniques for discerning shear sense and deformation temperature to Crete, Greece

Jenna Biegel '17 Timing and tectonic history of low grade deformation along the Rockfish Valley Deformation Zone in the Central Blue Ridge, VA
Sequoya Bua-Iam '17 Dating lacustrine molluscan subfossil assemblages using AAR techniques to assist in reconstructing the paleo-communities of temperate Wisconsin
Dan Claroni '17 Using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to assess and monitor a variety of natural and man-made geohazards, ranging from volcanic emissions to underground explosive testing
John Dannehl '17 Isotopic analysis of sediments as a proxy for environmental quality in temperate lakes in Wisconsin
Claire Sbardella '17 Do Gastropod Subfossil Assemblages Show Anthropogenic Impacts on Coral Reefs in Bocas Del Toro, Panama?
Clare Wilkinson '17 Sensing fluid pressure during plucking events in a natural bedrock channel: Cowpasture River, VA

Stephen Ball '16 Using structure-from-motion (SfM) photogrammetry for interpreting growth strata in Rocas de Benet, Catalan Coastal Range
Joe Beninati '16 δ13C and δ18O Analyses of Carbonate Concretions and Nodules and the Evidence for a Cretaceous Greenhouse
Andrew Bladen '16 Investigating Post-Glacial Fluvial Geomorphology: Knick Point Evolution and Canyon Formation in Whetstone Gulf of Tug Hill Plateau, New York
Andrew Clements '16 Velocity Modeling and 3D Geologic Modeling on the Chukchi Platform, Chukchi Shelf, Alaska
James Freeman '16 Evidence of bedrock plucking at Balcony Falls on the James River, Virginia
Emilyn Gjertsen '16 Building an age-elevation profile of the Eastern Cordillera of Argentina using U-Th/He dating
Gabriella Kitch '16 Mercury cycling in Northern Michigan: Honeysuckle Creek watershed and Burt Lake
Blake Odom '16 Rift-Related Crustal Scale Extensional Fault Timing and Late Cretaceous-Tertiary Reactivation, U.S. Chuckchi Shelf, Alaska
Harris Pritchard '16 Cretaceous Oblique-slip reactivations of late Paleozoic rift-related faults on the Chukchi Platform, Southern Chukchi Shelf, Alaska
Tanner Waggoner '16 Chronological persistence of Acropora Cervicornis at Coral Gardens, Belize
Virginia Wala '16 Aptian/Albian sediment volume and accumulation rates, Alaska North Slope and Beaufort Shelf, from sequence stratigraphic interpretation and modeling
Jack Wilbur '16 Changes in Larval Developmental Modes of Olivella in the Caribbean Neogene
Franklin Wolfe '16 New constraints on the timing, rate, and style of exhumation of the Wood Hills and Pequop Mountains, Elko County, Nevada
Hayen Yates '16 High resolution isotope sclerochronology reflects seasonal cycle changes at Rocky Point, Belize between the last interglacial and present

James Biemiller '15 Plucking as a Mechanism of Fluvial Erosion on Mars
James Busch '15 GeoEye-1 multispectral satellite imagery classification: An accurate method for identifying populations of Acropora spp. corals prior to a field study
Liz Elium '15 Field and Flume Exploration of Channel Bedrock Erosion by Plucking
Tyler Gabrielson '15 Microstructure, Strain, and Quartz Crystallographic Preferred Orientation Fabrics of the Antietam Formation, Central Appalachians, Virginia
Charlie Gentry '15 Sequence Stratigraphic and Structural Interpretation of the Hanna Trough in the Chukchi Sea, Alaska
Phil Kong '15 Hf and Pb isotope data for mafic lava flows from the Three Sisters and Newberry region of the central Oregon Cascades
Gustavo Larramendi '15 Regional Stratigraphic and Geologic Map Compilation in the Southern Central Appalachians for Cross Section Construction
James McCullum '15 The potential of soils to sequester carbon: a look at agricultural and cemetery soils of Rockbridge County, Virginia
Andy Roberts '15 Sequence Stratigraphic and Structural Interpretation and Associated Salt Features of the Chukchi, Arctic Alaska
Chel Samuels '15 Characterization of legacy mine waste in Fourmile Canyon, Colorado
Candice Stefanic '15 Did Functionality of Caribbean Gastropod Assemblages Shift in Response to Ecological Change in the Late Neogene?
Arthur Stier '15 Influence of Late Jurassic Inversion Structures on Sedimentary Basin Uplift, Chukchi Shelf, Offshore Alaska

Hal Hundley '14 Experimental Rock Deformation of Cambrian-Ordovician Carbonates from the Valley and Ridge of the Appalachians
Liz Olson '14 Assessment of Current Radiometric Dating Techniques of Beachrock on the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica
Karen Roth '14 Geochemical Variability of Obsidian in Western New Mexico with Laboratory-Based pXRF
Kendall Wnuk '14 Episodic Erosion Dynamics Affecting Depositional Basins of Northwest Argentina