GEOL 105 Earth Lab: Dinos! 2017

During the Dinosaurs! course, students learned about the morphology, behavior, and ecology of the major dinosaur groups in the context of critically thinking about the scientific method. Not only did students learn about dinosaurs, but also about the geological and biological tools that are used to reconstruct past environments. The highlight of the course was a week-long trip to Colorado, Arizona, and Utah during which we visited many of the notable dinosaur locations in North America, including Dinosaur National Monument, Petrified Forest NP, and the St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site. We had the opportunity to meet with paleontologist and museum curators to discuss the process of finding, interpreting, and displaying dinosaur fossils. Students also had the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the American West while camping and hiking and reflect on how this place was so different during the Mesozoic.

No prerequisites.