Spring Field Courses

Undergraduates are encouraged to take at least one course that involves working in the field. Several of our Fall and Winter Term courses have lab experiences in the field, and our Spring Term courses are mostly in the field.

"Coming out of W&L geology has made me feel more prepared for graduate school not only because of what I learned in the classroom but also the fieldwork and lab opportunities are exceptional and more abundant than anywhere else I have been. Many of the skills I learned at W&L are not even taught in graduate school."  Kat Telfeyan

Spring Term 2020 courses will be:
GEOL 105-01: Earth Lab: Dam It!? An Environmental Exploration of Dams (no prerequisite)
GEOL 105-02: Earth Lab: The Geology of National Parks (no prerequisite)
GEOL 105-03: FS: Earth Lab: The Geology of Hawai'i (no prerequisite)
GEOL 230: Field Methods in the Appalachians (Prerequisites: Instructor consent and either GEOL 100 or 101)
GEOL 373: Regional Geology: Greece (For geology majors only)

Information about Spring Term Abroad courses