What Recent Grads Have Gone Off To Do

Geoscience-related jobs majors have gone off to in the last few years
Contact Sarah if you want to speak to the alums who work at any of these companies or organizations
* indicates that this company regularly recruits from W&L

Advanced Resources International*, Energy consulting research assistant
NAEVA Resources, Geophysical fieldwork
Friends of Nevada Wilderness, Springs monitoring coordinator
Aero Metals, Environmental representative
Safari Energy, Wind power project development analyst
High school environmental science teacher
GHD, Hydrogeologist
ESRI, Multimedia Specialist - ArcGIS StoryMaps
Jeffries, Energy investment analyst
ExxonMobil, Geoscientist
Geodynamics, LLC, Hydrographic Surveyor
Foss Resources, Landman
Trihydro Corporation, Staff Geologist
Newfields Environmental, Geologist
EPA, ORISE Research Fellow, Nonpoint Source Program
Independent Project Analysis, Project Analyst (energy)

We have alums who have gone off to be environmental lawyers, work with NASA, work in the oil and gas industry, teach, and lots of other professions. Let us know what you are interested in and we can see who has gone off to do that!